Display Week 2015: SID San Jose
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E Ink 在 SID 的展位,展位編號為 526。

E Ink 演講者:

Session 23.2 - Predicting the Viewing-Direction Performance of e-Paper Displays with Front Light under Ambient Lighting Conditions
Dirk Hertel

Session 32.1 – Front Light for Color Electrophoretic Display Applications.
Hsin-Tao Huang, Yu-Nan Pao, I-Jeng Chen

Session III – Power: The Elephant in the Room
Giovanni Mancini

P-165: Measuring the Optical Performance of Flexible Displays under Hemispherical Diffuse Illumination
Dirk Hertel

Session 65.4 - Organic TFT Driven Backplane for Flexible Electrophoretic Display
Wen-Chung Tang, Cheng-Hang Hsu, Kuan-Yi Lin, Po-Wei Chen, Yu-Ling Wang, Yu-Ling Hsu, Kuo-Yan Chang, Yung-Sheng Chang, Chuang-Chuang Tsai


E Ink 是電子紙顯示器的創造者、 先鋒,以及商業化領導者

E Ink @ CES

2014 年 1 月



電子紙技術再進化 E Ink 發表 Carta 新世代電子紙顯示器

2013 年 9 月